poppies & around town

This morning Milo and I headed out for a quick walk/nap (guess who did which?) around town. I’ve been meaning to get some pictures of the poppies for a while now and since we’ve finally gotten a day that is both a) nice and b) doesn’t have me sick as a dog, I figured that it was the perfect chance.





and a couple of random shots from around Victor -


my favorite of the morning -


Johanna -

LOVE the shots. The first poppy image is awesome! They last such a short time, compared to how long they hang out in your flower bed… I’ve never planted any, but tended some for a few years.

katy -

Thanks Jo! They are all over the place in Victor right now. There are some pink ones that just started blooming right down the street from us, I’m going to try to shoot those this weekend.

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