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2011 iPhone images

Like most people, I think I have more day-to-day photos on my iphone than anywhere else. OK, that’s not true at all, I have thousands of day to day photos on my computer. BUT – the beauty of the iPhone photos is that you shoot and you’re done – no post-processing, no downloading to the […]

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cora & sylvain – wisconsin wedding photographer

Cora & Sylvain were married in New York City, in April. So what am I doing posting photos from a reception in Wisconsin in August? While they had a civil ceremony at the courthouse, Cora wanted to throw a big party in her home state over the summer. She found a fantastic venue in the […]

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leah & eric’s wedding

Last month I went home to Green Bay, Wisconsin to attend my best friend’s wedding.  While I was NOT the official photographer (Leah insisted that I attend as a guest, isn’t that nice of her?), I did do some shooting while I was there.  And I sent Nate along to Leah’s hair/makeup appointment as it […]

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I spent the last week or so in Northern Wisconsin, visiting with my parents and helping my best friend with her wedding prep.  And attending a kickass wedding where I didn’t have to work AT ALL.  It was actually difficult to not direct things but I managed to keep my mouth shut for the most […]

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