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Bayer Family // Jackson Hole family photographer


Terran, Greg & Roxy passed through Jackson on their fall vacation road trip through the national parks and contacted me for a family session on their way through. We had a great time even though it didn't occur to me that OF COURSE Mormon Row was going to be full of scenery and wildlife shooters at 8 am on a sunny morning. Whoops! We headed up towards Shadow Mountain and got this amazing fog with the sun coming through, how cool is that?

Being the child of a  photographer (check out Terran's work here - she's amazing!!!) Roxy was fantastically well behaved and Terran had tons of great advice on getting dogs to pay attention (Treats. The answer is treats) when you're trying to get them to pose for you.

Some favorites (pls disregard the weird watermark - black text doesn't work so well. I was experimenting as I was waiting for my new site to go live) -


Ok, so crouch, then lean in and kiss....whoops. :P

bayer1 20130916-1038

I just love the colors and the light in these, and how fabulous is Terran's coat? Majorly jealous.

bayer7 bayer4

We managed to make it back over to the barns after most of the scenery photographers had finished up for the morning. Good mountains that day!! :)

20130916-1071 bayer3

I love both of these, aren't they so cute?


What a good girl!!



Thanks so much for getting in touch and hiring me for your family photos - I had a fantastic time and it was so nice to meet you all!!