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Lindsey & Eric // Chico Hot Springs wedding photographer


Lindsey is a fabulous wedding planner here in Jackson (although recently relocated to Napa, boo!!!!) who wanted to have her wedding out of the valley - totally understandable, once you plan weddings in Jackson Hole for a living it makes sense to want something different for your own. She and her fiance Eric (Dino to friends and family) settled on Chico Hot Springs for its great food, relaxed ambiance and of course the beautiful Montana scenery.

Some of my favorites from their day -

How GORGEOUS is this dress? The details are amazing and Lindsey totally rocked it.

chico_hot_springs_wedding_photographer_002 chico_hot_springs_wedding_photographer_003 chico_hot_springs_wedding_photographer_004 chico_hot_springs_wedding_photographer_005 chico_hot_springs_wedding_photographer_006

Such a cute card from Lindsey to Dino - I got to be the mail carrier. :)


I love that Lindsey had her girls in white, such a great idea!


Their dog Pinky totally stole the show.


The wedding site is up the hill a bit from the condo area and is aptly named The Field of Dreams. Beautiful!


chico_hot_springs_wedding_photographer_011 chico_hot_springs_wedding_photographer_012

Love that Lindsey walked herself down the aisle - you go girl!







Why yes, I DID make them climb a mountain for me. Worth it though, yes? :)


They're so cute!!

chico_hot_springs_wedding_photographer_017 chico_hot_springs_wedding_photographer_018 chico_hot_springs_wedding_photographer_019

Eric worked at a cigar shop in Jackson and had the party fully stocked.

chico_hot_springs_wedding_photographer_020 chico_hot_springs_wedding_photographer_021

Time to party!!

chico_hot_springs_wedding_photographer_022 chico_hot_springs_wedding_photographer_023 chico_hot_springs_wedding_photographer_024 chico_hot_springs_wedding_photographer_025

Oh....hello mustachio'd unicorn. I didn't see you there.



Huge thanks to Lindsey & Dino for including me in their big day - I had a blast! Best of luck in Napa - we'll miss you around here!