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Holy cow, it's a new blog post!

Sooo...this here represents an effort on my part to turn over a new blog related leaf. I want to share all these amazing weddings with you but have been absolutely terrible about blogging. So terrible that I think it's been two years? TWO YEARS. That's half of my youngest kid. Dang.

So in an attempt to remedy that, I'm adding blogging to my workflow for all of my weddings this spring and summer and I'm going to put it on the schedule for Fridays and actually DO IT. My extremely belated 2016 resolution. 

And since we can't have a blog post without any photos....here's a little of what I've been up to lately.


Here's to getting stuff done this year, hallelujah!! 


Sara & Adam // Jackson Hole wedding photographer

I love this wedding so much. Adam and Sara are both such wonderful people - laid back, fun to be around, and half of them could defuse a bomb if the situation called for it. They met on Match.com in the Chicago area and it just worked. Adam proposed and they decided on Jackson (their eventual retirement dream location - these two are definitely planners!) for the wedding and I'm so glad that they did.

Some favorites...

Mormon_Row_military_wedding_001 Mormon_Row_military_wedding_002

Love these two shots.

Mormon_Row_military_wedding_003 Mormon_Row_military_wedding_004

Vows on a Cowboy Bar napkin. Perfect.

Mormon_Row_military_wedding_005 Mormon_Row_military_wedding_006 Mormon_Row_military_wedding_007

Sara did a first look with her dad and it was seriously the sweetest thing ever. I cried.

Mormon_Row_military_wedding_008 Mormon_Row_military_wedding_009 Mormon_Row_military_wedding_010


Mormon_Row_military_wedding_011 Mormon_Row_military_wedding_012 Mormon_Row_military_wedding_013 Mormon_Row_military_wedding_014

Gah! I love this spot!!!

Mormon_Row_military_wedding_015 Mormon_Row_military_wedding_016 Mormon_Row_military_wedding_017

And their portrait session(s) - I love every one of these images. We had so much fun.

Mormon_Row_military_wedding_018 Mormon_Row_military_wedding_019 Mormon_Row_military_wedding_020 Mormon_Row_military_wedding_021 Mormon_Row_military_wedding_022 Mormon_Row_military_wedding_023 Mormon_Row_military_wedding_024

Ceremony decor courtesy of Vanessa over at Fleur de V. That lady knows her stuff.

Mormon_Row_military_wedding_025 Mormon_Row_military_wedding_026 Mormon_Row_military_wedding_027 Mormon_Row_military_wedding_028

My favorite shot of the day.

Mormon_Row_military_wedding_029 Mormon_Row_military_wedding_030 Mormon_Row_military_wedding_031

Dance party!!

Mormon_Row_military_wedding_032 Mormon_Row_military_wedding_033 Mormon_Row_military_wedding_034 Mormon_Row_military_wedding_035  Mormon_Row_military_wedding_037

Adam, photobomb master.

Mormon_Row_military_wedding_038 Mormon_Row_military_wedding_039 Mormon_Row_military_wedding_040 Mormon_Row_military_wedding_041 Mormon_Row_military_wedding_042


Coordinator - Alison Kyle, Destination Jackson Hole

Ceremony - Mormon Row

Reception/Catering - Dornan's

Cake - Jackson Cake Company

Dress - Anne Barge

Hair/Makeup - Leslee Anne

Florist - Fleur de V

DJ - Jackson Hole DJ

Thank you both so so much for including me in your special day and a belated congratulations on your sweet baby girl!


(don't be afraid of the comments! Comments are your friend.....)

Henderson Family / Jackson Hole family photographer

The Henderson family made the trip out to Jackson from Oklahoma for a summer National Park vacation and decided to have some family portraits done while they were out here. We met up bright and early up north of town and had a super fun session. Some favorites -

jackson hole family photography, katy gray, mormon row

The kids were super excited about the horses - we spent a good amount of time petting and feeding them.

jackson hole family photography, katy gray, mormon row


jackson hole family photography, katy gray, mormon row

Such a good looking family!

jackson hole family photography, katy gray, mormon row

jackson hole family photography, katy gray, mormon row

jackson hole family photography, katy gray, mormon row

And of course I had to get a few of Mom & Dad alone. :)

jackson hole family photography, katy gray, mormon row


And then we saw a bear...and that was the end of the session!!

jackson hole family photography, katy gray, mormon row


Thank you all for such a fun session and I hope to see you again on your next trip out west!!


Morgan & Lucas / Jackson Hole Wedding Photographer



Morgan & Lucas got married in August at St. John's Episcopal church here in Jackson. Morgan's family has strong ties to Jackson - her parents got married at the Chapel of the Transfiguration and her grandmother still lives here - so when they got engaged it was a no-brainer to have the wedding here.

The reception was at the lovely Forbes Ranch north of town, which is as beautiful a spot as I've ever seen. +1!! :)

Some favorites -

Love her expression!!

The grand entrance. Nice work, ushers.

I love how happy Morgan looks!

Making it official.

On the butte above Forbes Ranch...not too shabby, eh?

They're so cute! And so perfect for each other - you could just feel the love. I'm not usually this cheesy, I swear.


My favorites from the day.

The wedding party went down to the Snake River to have some alone time between the ceremony and reception - such a gorgeous spot!

Cham-pag-na (insert Billy Crystal here).

Morgan's dad giving his toast.

Time to dance!!


Thanks to Morgan and Lucas for having me at your special day - I had a fantastic time and am so glad you got the burrs out of your dress. :) Much happiness to you both!!





Sarah & Eric / Jackson Hole Elopement Photographer

Sarah and Eric came out to Jackson Hole from Missouri to have a sweet backyard elopement at their officiant's house in the town of Jackson. After a short and sweet ceremony we did some photos around the area (helloooo Flat Creek, pretty!!) and then headed up north to get the Tetons in a few images. Some favorites -

jackson hole elopement photographer (1)


jackson hole elopement photographer (2)


jackson hole elopement photographer (3)


jackson hole elopement photographer (4)

Aren't they cute? And I love her non-traditional dress!

jackson hole elopement photographer (5)


jackson hole elopement photographer (6)

I just love this one.

jackson hole elopement photographer (7)


jackson hole elopement photographer (8)


jackson hole elopement photographer (9)


jackson hole elopement photographer (10)

Eric was a little self conscious about his braces but we managed to get a big smile out of him at the end, yay. :)

jackson hole elopement photographer (11)

Thank you both so much for having me and best wishes for your future!!!