Welcome to the blog!

Holy cow, it's a new blog post!

Sooo...this here represents an effort on my part to turn over a new blog related leaf. I want to share all these amazing weddings with you but have been absolutely terrible about blogging. So terrible that I think it's been two years? TWO YEARS. That's half of my youngest kid. Dang.

So in an attempt to remedy that, I'm adding blogging to my workflow for all of my weddings this spring and summer and I'm going to put it on the schedule for Fridays and actually DO IT. My extremely belated 2016 resolution. 

And since we can't have a blog post without any photos....here's a little of what I've been up to lately.


Here's to getting stuff done this year, hallelujah!! 


new website yay!!

If you've been to my site before, you may have noticed something different today. Or rather, EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT TODAY! With the amazing and patient design work of Elle at PostFilm and even MORE patient-ness of Molly at 307 Creative with the coding and both of them putting up with my endless questions, changes, and general noodling around, we have a whole new look and feel for Katy Gray Photography. Now with even more run-on sentences! Look around, click here and there, check things out - thank you for stopping by!!!