Q. Can we make our own prints with the files we get from you?

A. Absolutely! I’ll even give you a list of my favorite online labs.

Q. Can we put pictures on Facebook?

A. Yup! You can download a set of low-resolution watermarked files that are perfect for email and Facebook.The only rule is you can‘t crop out my logo when you upload the images.

Q. Will the files I receive be edited?

A. Yes. They will all have been adjusted for basic exposure, white balance and color corrections. They do not get any individual photoshop lovin’ - the time it would take to individually enhance each image from a wedding would get pretty cost-prohibitive! However all images that go into the album get a dose of the special sauce and any prints ordered via your online gallery will also get individual attention in photoshop.

Q. Do we have to order an album now or can we do it later?

A. Now is good, later is also good!

Q. What if we‘re running really late at the reception? Can you stay until the very end?

A. Of course I can!! I’ll let you know when we have about a half hour left and you can decide then if you’d like me to stay longer. If I am there longer than 30 minutes extra you will be billed for the overtime at my regular rate and no proofs or Facebook/Instagram teasers will be posted until the balance has been paid in full.

Q. Can we pay in installments?

A. Yes! Pop me an email and we’ll get a schedule set up for you.

Q. Let’s do it! We want to hire you - what’s next?

A. Hooray! We’ll decide on your collection items and I’ll get a contract written up and emailed to you. Upon receipt of the signed contract and retainer (approximately 1/3 of the total price) your date is on my calendar in permanent marker!